Global Love Day 

Origins of the Annual Global Love Day Event

May 1st is Global Love Day.  For a decade you’ve joined us as we “Choose Love Over Fear” in a couple of different ways!  Celebrating Choose Love Over Fear Day on Global Love Day has rich roots in Coeur d’Alene.  Here’s a brief overview. For information on this years event, please click here. 

Love Lives Here CDA has big goals with simple directives. Though we are known for our kindness declaration, we seek to make small actions that help us live out a loving vision of our community and bring awareness to what a loving community this is!  When we heard of “Choose Love over Fear” Day; based on a proclamation signed by Mayor Sandi Bloem in 2013 to happen on Global Love Day, we knew this was a tradition that needed to be continued!

The initial event was spearheaded by local volunteers and NIC students.  For their first event, they gave out free hugs in downtown Coeur d’Alene.  This event took place for a few years in a row and was a huge community success reminding citizens that LOVE is at the core of who we are in North Idaho. One of the original creators of this event, Kathleen Lamanna, is now a volunteer of Love Lives Here CDA.  It only seemed appropriate that we reboot this beautiful day of awareness.

Due to Covid-19, the event in the past years has been slightly adjusted.  Love Lives Here volunteers meet onsite at the Human Rights Education Institute. Community members are welcome to swing by between 1 pm and 1:30 pm for kindness sign making. From there, participants walk the parks and streets of downtown Coeur d’Alene giving flowers out to people in our community.  

Memories from the original 2013 event


Get involved this year!

This year, we will be celebrating a week of kindness for our 10 year anniversary. Join us May 1st – 6th on social media for kindness challenges and May 7th in-person at HREI! Learn more and sign up for this event here. 

Here are some way to be involved in kindness year-round! 

Encourage a New Business or Individual to sign up

Year-round businesses can sign on to our kindness declaration here.

Volunteer for LLH

Love our mission? Contact Ali at to volunteer!

Show Kindness Around Town

We encourage all citizens to show small acts of kindness around town. This could be simple, like making sure to say your “Thank yous” or opening doors for people. For Love Lives Here CDA businesses, we would love if you added a loving message on your reader boards or shared loving messages on social media.

We hope that these small gestures will be another reminder of the kindness that exists and thrives in this beautiful community.