Kindness Cards 2024

Kindness Cards​. Kindness Cards are a way to spark appreciation and acknowledgement to many community members, as well as foster positive communication connections with members of our own neighborhoods.

In 2021 the Kindness Card project was facilitated by Civic Engagement Alliance and Love Lives Here CDA and targeted community members heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, with help from Idaho Community Foundation’s Project Neighborly grant, Love Lives Here CDA seeks to encourage our community to explore the question, “How can we become better neighbors?” Not only will we be delivering kindness cards to community members who may need to hear from us most, but every volunteer who signs up will fill out five cards to deliver to their own neighbors. We hope this activity cultivates positive community connections and gives volunteers an opportunity to be a great neighbor.

The Kindness Cards Project is designed to be collaborative with community partners. We are looking for card recipients and volunteers to ensure that Kindness Cards are made and received across our community. 


    • We are seeking 25+ card recipient organizations that employ, serve, or house community members who would benefit from Kindness Cards from their community ‘neighbors.’
    • As a recipient organization, your contact person would let us know the number of cards to make (lists of names are not needed) and any special instructions. We would deliver or mail a box of Kindness Cards for them to distribute to their employees or residents in whatever way works best for them. Our minimum request for kindness cards to any organization is 20.
    • After the event, as an added bonus, Kindness card recipient partners can help spread kindness by sharing photos of the received cards on their media platforms or by emailing them to us.

    Sign Up as a Recipient Organization Here


    • Our goal is to deliver 3000 Kindness Cards!  We are seeking 150+ volunteers to fill out an average of 20 cards. We will fully create card kits with instructions that will be ready at your chosen pick up location! Completed cards will be dropped off before February 24th, 2024 and our volunteers will deliver them the following week.
    • This year volunteers can fill out cards in the comfort of their own homes! Make it your Valentine’s Day activity!
    • Volunteer groups and service clubs can partner with us by helping write the Kindness Cards.
    • Participation is completely FREE!

    SIGN UPS HAVE CLOSED! There will be a small number of pre-built packets available on Saturday, Feb. 10th from 11 am – 2 pm at the CDA Library and Hayden Library.  These will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Thank you!

       Thank you to our Card Designers!

      Cyndie Hammond, Kelly Lundquist & Megz Howard